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So Foundation Imaging created this test sequence for what Voyager’s Aeroshuttle would look like deploying. [video] gifs by me

Although I like the Delta Flyer, it would have made so much more sense for them to have used this.  But I think the producers, 1. didn’t want to mix assets with DS9 (using the runabout interior set) and, 2. seriously thought viewers would confuse this with the captain’s yacht from Insurrection and forget which incarnation of Trek they were viewing.

Oh well.  The Aeroshuttle lives on in my dreams.

(I like how it’s clearly Major Kira in the cockpit interior, because of course Foundation re-used footage from DS9 for this test shot)

Would you have preferred the Aeroshuttle instead of the Delta Flyer?

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I was thrilled when I got my regulation Starfleet uniform; it covered up my cleavage and I got all my brains back, because when you have cleavage you can’t have brains in Hollywood. I was allowed to do things that I hadn’t been allowed to do for five or six years. I went on away teams, I was in charge of staff, I had my pips back, I had phasers, I had all the equipment again, and it was fabulous. I was absolutely thrilled. By Marina Sirtis, on cleavage versus brains in an interview for the BBC [ x ] (via dontyouauntkathyme)

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1. I like the random Aragorn in there. 
2. A friend once shared this photoset on FB and tagged me and one of his male friends FLIPPED THE FUCK OUT about how “disrespectful” it was to the Avengers and when I said “I think it’s hilarious and awesome and shows the details in the costumes better and I like the juxtaposition of the pink fluffiness with the hypermasculine poses” he told me to fuck off and that I was a terrible person for not thinking putting the Hello Kitty logo and pink on The Avengers was the worst thing ever and “disrespected” the characters. Dudebross are so fuckin’ fragile, yo.

AHAHHAHAHA NICK FURY! Omg yes, it’s back, with more….

That should 100% be Sam Wilson’s real costume henceforth.